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CSCC is a Nationally recognised Health & Social Care Compliance service, working with businesses within the care sector to provide CQC help and support. With over 40 years of sector and regulatory knowledge and experience, you can’t go wrong with CSCC.

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What Makes Us Different

CSCC is a Nationally recognised Health & Social Care Compliance service.

We pride ourselves on providing a hands-on quality and tailored service. Not only that, but we have a proven track record of working with and developing CQC regulated services. We have systems in place which carefully analyse your service requirements; this allows us to allocate a specific specialist with the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise to support you through your CQC journey.

Specialised Care Sector Management

We have CQC specialists with unique knowledge, expertise and skills to influence change and support services to transition

Professional Care Sector Consultancy

Our CQC consultants are health and social care professionals of many years, with extensive qualifications

Specialist Care Sector Training & Support

All are training consultants are subject specialists with extensive knowledge and qualifications of the subjects they teach

CSCC | Achieve Outstanding

Care Sector Compliance and Consultancy provides an excellent, knowledgeable, friendly service that is vital to our home. Being a stand alone home, at times the role of Registered Manager leaves me feeling very vulnerable and isolated, with nowhere to turn to for advice and/or guidance. Not any more!

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