During consultation one of our experienced consultants will carry out an analysis, to identify any breach in compliance and performance related matters and provide an in-depth action plan to assist in providing service specific solutions.

Our compliance services can be purchased as an individual service or as part of a package, ask for further details.

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Medication Compliance


This will identify if you are currently working in line with legal and regulatory requirements and have the policies, procedures and systems to reflect this.
Systems support

We will review your existing systems, offering bespoke solutions and supply supporting documentation and templates if necessary to ensure you are following evidence based best practice.

Staff compliance

Medication competency is a regulatory requirement.

Our we can assist you to carry out competency assessment for all your staff.
We can provide a unique, service specific competency template to assist you fulfil your requirements.
If necessary we can provide supporting medication training for your  workforce specific training

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Moving & Handling Compliance


It will establish how your service manages moving and handling related issues, it will provide you with an overview of your performance and offer solutions, to ensure you are working in accordance with requirements and evidence based practice.

Systems support

We will review your existing systems, offering up to date bespoke solutions and supply documentation and templates if necessary to ensure you are compliant and fulfil your legal responsibilities 
Complex handling assessment or advise

Staff compliance 

Completing a Moving & handling competency on your workforce is a   regulatory requirement.

We can complete, or assist you to complete moving and handling competences on your workforce in accordance with best practice. 

We can, on request provide you with  competency templates

If identified we can provide moving and handling  training for your  workforce

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Documentation Compliance

Ensuring your risk assessments, care plans and all other supporting documentations are regulatory compliant, evidence based, reflects best practice and  are person centred. We can provide guidance and support to ensure you have the systems in place to maintain CQC compliance.

We are able to provide a tailor policy & procedures service that will personalise your existing documents or we can provide you with a new set of personalised policy and procedures

Our CQC Compliance service can be provided, as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with any other service(s) we offer

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